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2023 Taylor Village Tigerfish Swim Club Registration Form Copy

Welcome to the on-line registration system for the Taylor Village Tigerfish, we're looking forward to another great season! 

2023 dues are $200 for the first swimmer, $185 for the second swimmer, and $160 for each additional swimmer in your immediate family. You will have the opportunity during registration to indicate your preferred volunteer jobs, but the preferences do not guarantee placement into any particular job. 

Registration tips:

  • Please enter parent's names in separate fields -- We need real first and last names in each field! Please don't try to combine names in one field.
  • Please register using email addresses that you check daily.
  • If you're a returning family with younger sibling(s) who would like to try out for the team, you may go ahead and register the new sibling(s) now. If they don't pass the tryout, we'll issue you refund for their portion of the registration fee.
Parent/Guardian Information
  • At least one parent/guardian registration is required. New accounts will be sent an email confirmation message with instructions to set up a password.
  • At least one parent/guardian email address must be provided. Check the boxes to indicate which parent/guardians should receive team-wide emails.
  • Previously registered parents/guardians cannot be edited during registration. Please contact your team's admin to request edits.
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Athlete Information
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HOA Membership

Are you a member of the Taylor Village HOA? *

Returning to Tigerfish?

Are you a returning Tigerfish family from any prior season? *

Year Round Swim

Do you swim for either a USA Swimming or Y swim team during the year?

Pool Membership Requirement

Parents wishing to register their children for the Taylor Village Tigerfish Swim Club must be a member of the Taylor Village Pool with full family membership as defined in the CMSL Bylaws (see Any family that is not a member of the HOA will be unable to join the Taylor Village Tigerfish swim season.  No refunds will be issued after June 7th for any reason.

Swim Ability Requirement

Swim team is not a replacement for basic swim lessons. For safety reasons, all swimmers must be able to swim freestyle at least one 25-meter lap unassisted to join the team. All swimmers new to the team will be subject to a tryout session before their team membership is confirmed. Children will be placed into practice groups based on age and skill development level as determined by the coaches.

Volunteer Obligations

We need parent volunteers from every family in order to run a successful swim meet. One parent from each family MUST volunteer to work at every meet in which their child(ren) are swimming.

Code of Conduct

All coaches, athletes, and family members must adhere to the CMSL Code of Conduct. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Serious violations of the code of conduct may lead to suspension or expulsion from a meet, practice, or from the team without refund.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Requests to withdraw must be submitted in writing. Refunds will be issued minus a cancellation fee of $20 per swimmer. No refunds will be provided after June 7th.

Waiver, Release, Assumption of Risk and AAU Requirement

I understand that my participation in Taylor Village Tigerfish Swim Club and AAU involves risks and dangers of serious and permanent bodily injury and death. I, or my parent/guardian if I am a minor, hereby release, hold harmless, discharge and agree not to sue First Real Estate Management, Taylor Village Tigerfish Swim Club, its Board of Directors, AAU of US, its Club/Teams, Board of Directors, Officers, Employees, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Agents, Sponsors, Advertisers, Lifeguards, Owners/Lessors/Managers of Premises for all liability from my participation in these and any other AAU related travel, lodging, social/recreational activities. Please note, participation in the Central Maryland Swim League (CMSL) requires membership in the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU). By joining CMSL and paying or authorizing payment of annual AAU membership dues, I certify that this application is correct in every material aspect, including but not limited to the athletes contact information including (street) address and birth date. In addition to CMSL requirements, the Applicant / Athlete agrees to be bound by the AAU Code, including all AAU Policies, which are available for review on the AAU Web site at If the athlete/prospective member is a minor, the person submitting the Application represents that he/she has the athlete's parent's or guardian's consent to allow the athlete to become an AAU Member and be bound by the AAU Code.

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Illness Acknowledgement and Waiver

I agree to follow all league, pool, and team guidelines regarding illness/ COVID-19, which may change over the course of the season. I agree that I will not send my swim team members to any practices, meets, or events with a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms. I understand that the coaches or other swim team board members reserve the right to deny participation of my swimmer at their discretion due to concern for illness in order to protect the safety of the rest of the team. I agree to hold Taylor Village Tigerfish, its Board of Directors, First Real Estate Management, DRD Pool Management, and Taylor Village HOA harmless for any transmission of illness including, but not limited to, COVID-19 infection.

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