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Reading Heat Sheets

What is a Heat Sheet?

Heat Sheets tell you almost everything you need to know about the meet schedule. Looking at the Heat Sheet, you can see which teams are in the meet, where the meet is held, when it is, how many events there are, how many heats (or "sub events") there are, and who is swimming in each one. This section will give you a little background on how to read the Heat Sheet.

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Where and When

ABC@TVT - 2/24/2019
Meet Program - Dual Meet

On the top of each page, you will see this header. This tells you that the team whose initials are "ABC" will be swimming against the Taylor Village Tigerfish (TVT) at the Taylor Village pool. The meet will be between those two team (dual meet), and will occur on February 24, 2019.

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Reading an Event

#1 Girls 9-10 100 SC Meter IM
CMSL: 1:14.35 2016 A. Quaman
Tigerfish: 1:22.13 2013 P. Oseidon
1:34.91 STR
Lane Name Age Team Seed Time
Heat 1 of 2 Finals Starts at 9:00 AM
3 Fly, Eye 10 ABC-MD NT
4 Turner, Buquette 10 TVT-MD 2:23.17
Heat 2 of 2 Finals Starts at 9:04 AM
1 Racer, Speed 9 ABC-MD 2:02.40
2 Fas, Schwim 10 TVT-MD 1:36.00
3 Spitz, Martha 10 ABC-MD 1:47.07
4 Ladequee, Katherine 9 TVT-MD 1:33.81 STR
5 Phelps, Michelle 9 ABC-MD 2:00.69
6 Torres, Darla 10 TVT-MD 1:56.15

This section tells you all about the first event in the meet.

  • The first event is for 9 and 10 year old girls.
  • The event is a 100 meter individual medley in a short-course (25m) pool
  • The Central Maryland Swim League record holder is A. Quaman, at a time of 1:14.35. She set the record in 2016.
  • The Taylor Village Tigerfish record was set in 2013 by P. Oisedon with a time of 1:22.13.
  • In order to qualify for the Straehle Championship Meet, swimmers must complete this event in 1:34.91 or faster.

The next portion shows you that there are two heats (races) within this event, and provides you more details on the swimmers:

  • The first heat is set to begin at 9:00 AM, and the second heat is scheduled to begin at 9:04 AM.
  • Eye Fly is a 10 year old girl from the ABC-MD team.  She has does not have a qualifying time for this event.
  • Buquette Turner is a 10 year old girl from the Taylor Village Tigerfish.  She has completed this event previously with a best time of 2:23.17.
  • Katherine Ladequee has a previous time of 1:33.81.  This qualifies her to swim in the Straehle Championship Meet.
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Writing It Down

You'll see this a lot...  It's a great way to help your swimmer remember when they'll be in the water.  Once you have your heat sheet, you can mark up your swimmer.  The writing definitely won't stop here:  Your child athlete will definitely want to "decorate" themselves some more...


Our arm model will be swimming in:

Event Heat Lane
11 (Girls 8 and under 25 short course meter freestyle) 2 4
23 (Girls 8 and under 25 short course meter backstroke) 2 2
43 (Girls 8 and under 25 short course meter breaststroke) 1 4

Coach or Staff photo and profile
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The Taylor Village Tigerfish Swim Club is a summer swim team for members of the Taylor Village community pool in Ellicott City, MD.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the management of our Board of Directors.
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